Work experience

He worked as the cultural attaché and general director of King Fahd Cultural Center in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, where lots of programmes, including Arabic for non-native speakers and conferences, were developed. Prior to that, he worked as assistant of the cultural attaché in Washington, USA, while his preceding employment was as a senior adviser at Department for International Cooperation at the Ministry of Higher Education.
Participated in numerous specialized committees in the Board of Experts at the Saudi Arabian Council of Ministers.
Represented the government of Saudi Arabia in a number of Joint Committees with aim of strengthening scientific and academic cooperation, such as with: Japan, Russia, New Zealand, Holland, South Korea, Germany, Austria, China, and Argentina.
Teacher at a Postgraduate Programme on the courses: Language Testing, and Research Methods (Applied Linguistics Department at the Institute of Arabic Linguistics, ‘King Saud’ University); Language Learning and Language Evaluation on the M.A programme (Department of Curriculum and Teaching Methods, Faculty of Education, KSU).
Supervised the Administration section for Agreements and Joint Committees at the Ministry of Higher Education
Establisher and first director of the Research Centre at the Institute of Arabic Language, 'King Saud' University
Organized seminars in 15 countries across four continents: Brazil, Paraguay, China, Belgium, Nigeria, Holland, Tajikistan, Sri Lanka, Kosovo, Maldives, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Brunei Darussalam, Italy, and Germany.
Member of the Administrative Organization Committee of the OPEC Summit which was held on the level of head of states
During his postgraduate studies in England, he was a voluntary Headmaster of the Arabic School in Colchester, UK, and he improved the work of Arabic School in Leeds, and then became the Headmaster. Moreover, he was the Head of Committee for Resetting the Regulations for the Saudi Students’ Clubs in UK and president of the Saudi Students’ Club in the Colchester.